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GDPR and Data Governance by Oracle and GoldenOre

We invite you to participate in our upcoming GDPR and Data Governance by Oracle event on Thursday, 30th March 2017 in Oracle Office Warsaw, Poland at 9am to 13pm. This is an in-person event hosted by Oracle Data Integration And Governance Expert Team.

GDPR intro

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prompts much more than a typical compliance project. It implies handling recurrent requests coming on a mass scale, being not anymore coverable with single-pass manual processes.

GDPR could trigger severe penalties plus reputational risk. So it provides the best business driver a CDOs could wish for and is seen as ‘once-in-a-generation’ chance to transform data management practices.

Purpose of workshop


This workshop covers only key data management and data governance GDPR imposed activities and the way to address them. Why?

  1. The scope of necessary GDPR preparations – is at this moment area where enterprises lack guideline, especially in the data management field.
  2. Even GDPR enters into application 2018. changes in processes and technical controls are urgent to start right now, especially in the space of data management.


Organizations are being pushed to improve their data governance by regulators and then discover by accident the benefits to customer-centricity that can flow from this. The workshop covers this strong connection. Why?

  1. One of suggested GDPR solutions – customer centric self-service must have data governance and correct data exposed in correct way.
  2. GDPR forces new models if we wish world-class customer service as what is known about the customer under GDPR will become limited (individuals will become more selective with their data).

Agenda and Topics

  •  GDPR and data management
  • 10 data management imposed activities by GDPR and which one goes first
  • GDPR and data governance
  • Establishing data governance policies & procedures and how to start
  • Creating cross-functional data governance teams as collaborative assembly lines to support GDPR
  • GDPR and customer centricity
  • Self-Service APIs (with data governance), master data management suite versus do-it-yourself MDM

Who should attend

  • CIO and team leaders from IT
  • Data warehouse, data management, master data leaders, data domain experts (CRM, BI&DW, Financial SW)
  • Regulatory/compliance officers
  • Digital, big data initiatives representatives