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Banking Horizons Conference 2018

We invite you to participate in the 2018 Horizons of Banking conference, which we will be a general partner. We invite you to listen to the Goldenore lecture and to visit our exhibition stand.


The Banking Horizons project consists of conferences and debates with the participation of presidents, board members and bank directors. Taking into account the scale and number of conferences (in one day) – it will be one of the largest meetings of the banking sector in 2018. Horizons of Banking 2018 is a multi-event project – there are several bank meetings at one place and time:


  • Banking Strategy Forum – New areas of revenues
  • BankTech. In search of efficiency
  • Mobile Payments Forum
  • Gala of “Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK” combined with the award ceremony of the “50 largest banks in Poland 2018” ranking
  • Independent expert debates for bank managers


The afternoon gala of Banking Horizons will be the award gala of the annual “50 largest banks in Poland” ranking of the “Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK” monthly. The ranking will reach readers in the form of an addition in the June issue of “Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK”. It will also be provided to representatives of banks taking part in all meetings as part of the Horizons of Banking in 2018 initiative.


During the conference Horizons of Banking organized on 12/06/2018 in Warsaw, Goldenore will present the subject of : Real Time Data Streaming for Banking

You’re welcome.


more details: www.aleBank.pl/HB

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12 czerwca 2018