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Diagnostics and optimization of systems

Optimization of the operation of their information systems is an added value for every customer. In cooperation with our partner – Flopsar, we provide clients with a solution that has no functional or price competition in the field of monitoring and diagnosing applications built using Java.


The great advantage of Flopsar is the very short implementation time, precise information about the operations carried out by the monitored system and a unique, effective user interface. With Flopsar Suite you can report and predict the appearance of performance problems before they affect the work of users. The Flopsar Suite application allows, among other things:


  • Reduction of problem analysis time by over 90%
  • Reduce the number of problems from dozens to 2-3 on a monthly basis
  • Better cooperation with suppliers
  • Software quality control throughout the entire production cycle
  • Cost control related to business growth and development

In cooperation with InfiniteData – a manufacturer of the Workload Automation class solution, we provide our clients with the ability to automate, monitor and simplify IT processes and tasks – all in the context of centralized and optimized operations management and the infrastructure load they generate. The ScheduleIN solution, more and more effective and bold, gains global markets and is highly positioned in the rankings of this class of solutions.