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Goldenore integrates business data in real time using Oracle Cloud

Goldenore is a company which was set up by Oracle enthusiasts. It has extensive competences in the fields of technology products, business processes and IT environment management processes. In response to the challenges faced by the majority of its customers, and by using a wide range of Oracle solutions, the company carries out projects related mostly to business process optimization, real-time data integration, and data processing optimization. Goldenore’s experts also provide post-deployment and maintenance support for customers’ mission-critical systems, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


“One of crucial competences of Goldenore is data integration, performed using Oracle GoldenGate, Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Data Integrator tools,” says Tomasz Dac from Goldenore. “Our commitment is reflected by, among other things, Goldenore being the first company in the world – and still one of the few – to obtain Oracle GodenGate Specialized 12c certification. We have also created a proprietary solution for monitoring the GoldenGate environment, which enables users to observe its key components on an ongoing basis, and to visualize performance indicators using graphical dashboards.”


Oracle’s Cloud Platform has recently been expanded with Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) tools which make it possible to perform all data integration tasks in the cloud, particularly in the context of feeding Big Data environments in the online model. DIPC brings together all key data integration, quality assurance and data management functions on a unified cloud platform. The platform ensures simplified provisioning and management using a central administrative interface, while enabling data integration across Oracle and non-Oracle clouds, in on-premises and hybrid environments.


“We carry out numerous projects related to business intelligence and data warehouses for our customers, for whom the ability to make business use of data refreshed online is a priority,” says Mr Dac. “Solutions of this type require efficient data integration tools for performing such tasks as real-time data streaming, batch processing, real-time data replication, and data transformation in the E-LT/ETL model (data extraction, transformation and loading). We decided to expand our abilities in this field with state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud solutions which cover, among other things, all of those functions.”


Market needs in the context of data integration are underlined by the deployments of the above-mentioned mechanisms in NTT Communications (online processing of millions events in order to detect and prevent telecommunications network issues), OutFront Media Company (managing purchasing trends through online geospatial analysis based on Spark Streaming Cloud), and USBank (real-time analysis of data processed in all the bank’s systems in the context of creating offers and customer service personalization).

The Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud is based on proven Oracle integration services, equipped with specialized algorithms for end-to-end data handling for the purposes of analytics applications and data warehouses. The unique technologies used in those solutions make it possible to achieve near-zero downtime during data migration to the cloud.


“The cloud gives a technology company like ours numerous new opportunities in the area of supporting customers and offering them flexible solutions adjusted to their needs and possibilities,” Mr Dac comments. “Our offering is already unique on the European market, and expanding our competences with Oracle Cloud integration components is a natural step towards further development of the company which will make it even more innovative and competitive.”