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Integration of data in real time

Diversified in the technological aspect of the IT environment, it is the practice of most organizations that diversify their technological stack. A cloud computing is a common element of IT and business architecture. Our goal, and at the same time our main specialization is to provide customers with the possibility of data integration in real time between various technologically and business IT environments, regardless of their geographical location. Integration in the online model finds applications in many aspects of market practice, including:


  • Supplying reporting systems with online data instead of the classic ETL model, usually once a day
  • Replication of data to and from the cloud and in the cloud
  • Building backup centers in the Active-Active model
  • Supply of test environments in real time with data anonymization “on the fly”
  • Uninterrupted data migration and service operations on databases


We work with the best products on the market. We were the first in the world to obtain Oracle GoldenGate 12c certification, and the first partnership with HVR in Poland.