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IT infrastructure

Goldenore offers a full, self-reliant range of services and solutions in the areas of networks, servers, mass storage and data archiving systems. We offer the construction and extension of a datacenter as well as any related consolidation, virtualization and data migration services. The offer includes service management, IT consulting as well as customer infrastructure maintenance and servicing.


We offer a comprehensive cooperation in the field of IT systems integration in the business as well as production layers. We help design, deliver, implement and maintain a customer’s IT environment. The scope of services and solutions includes: networks, servers, mass storage as well as data archiving systems and related applications. We optimize the infrastructure in terms of its extensive availability as well as any security issues. We also offer assistance in service management and IT consulting for the environments used.


We also specialize in maintaining the customer’s IT environment both hardware and software. Our comprehensive set of professional maintenance services is designed to ensure the continuous and steady functioning of the application environment which consists of servers, operating systems, mass storage, databases, tool software, backup systems and virtualization systems.