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About us

Our Team

Goldenore is a team of business and technology professionals.
We are an Oracle Gold Partner and we were the first company in the world to hold Oracle Golden Gate 12c specialization. As a partner of Oracle, Goldenore specializes in the following areas:
  • modelling, automation and optimization of business processes using IT solutions;
  • business analysis and implementation of IT solutions;
  • designing and implementing IT solutions;
  • processing, securing, and integrating data;
  • using special, innovative technologies (such as speech recognition) to execute business processes;
  • consultancy, advising, and training.
Our projects include:
  • data integration – in particular involving data replication using Oracle’s Golden Gate product (real-time replication);
  • Oracle and PostgreSQL databases;
  • ETL – Oracle Data Integrator;
  • Oracle BI;
  • Oracle application servers (such as WebLogic);
  • SOA and BPM business process integration.


Goldenore’s competencies help (realistically) our clients to execute their projects within set schedules and budgets, and to optimize Oracle product maintenance costs, as well as ensuring appropriate licensing.

Our team has vast experience of building business processes, analyses, modelling, optimization and automation of business processes in organisations from a wide range of sectors, such as banking, insurance, power engineering and public administration. Our approach to business processes makes it possibility for them to be used in practice by all organizations, both in the context of management and IT; however, we certainly do not offer ‘off-the-shelf’ processes.


We are sensitive to each client’s needs and working methods. We proactively approach the identified limits, and we take care to understand them. The flows of information and communication with clients and partners are always given the highest priority, which ensures there is comfort regarding actions performed together.

We are flexible, we listen and react.
We suggest – we do not impose.

We have built up our experience from many projects which have been carried out for various business organizations and administrative and academic bodies. We have created, launched and executed numerous IT projects, both as suppliers and customers of IT services; we know and understand both of those viewpoints. We have managed architecture, organization, and IT processes. We have been through all stages of IT projects of all scales and characteristics.


We know how to analyse, design and model processes which are used in businesses, organizations, practices, and IT systems. We manage teams and projects. Our knowledge and experience are broadened by our wide and analytical outlook, intuition, reason, creative and proactive approach, and professionalism, which we measure with the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

Our Certificates

Goldenore is the only company in Poland, and one of the few worldwide, to have obtained the Specialized Oracle GoldenGate 12c certificate.

Competences with respect to such tools as Golden Gate, Oracle Data Integrator and Business Intelligence have ensured the recognition our brand. We systematically invest in the development of our human resources, which enables us to build a richer portfolio for our customers.