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What we Offer

We are a group of IT professionals .

See in which areas we can help you.

Data integration

Information of the right quality at the right time and in the right place.
This is our passion. We are totally devoted to the fields of:


  • information integration;
  • data migration (including ZeroDownTime Migration);
  • data management;
  • data quality.


Thanks to our passion, we are able to optimize business processes and to look at enterprises through the lens of always true, current and effectively managed data derived from various systems and platforms. Our knowledge and expertise is focused on Oracle solutions, such as:


Oracle GoldenGate
Oracle Data Integrator
Enterprise Data Quality


Databases are our core competence. We make no secret of the fact that we focus on and favour Oracle database products – that is our main competence. Our versatile engineers can handle any software version and are able to help you with:


  • tuning;
  • trouble shooting
  • extended support for versions no longer supported by the manufacturer;
    see the GO support section
  • management (including outsourcing of administrative services).


In databases we put the emphasis on complex database management, including the application of options that improve the monitoring of operations, optimum configuration, and the particularly sensitive area of database security; see the Security section.


According to analytics and consulting firms, the question is not whether enterprises will lose data to attacks, but when they will. Loss of data is viewed as a serious threat, second only to virus attacks. Studies show that employees are in the dark about what kinds of data is confidential or proprietary and under what terms can it be distributed. Another problem is legal compliance. With these factors in mind, we take great care to help our clients minimize the risk of losing data or compromising data confidentiality. The main areas in which we support the implementation of a comprehensive IT policy include:


  • Protecting information confidentiality through restricting access to data:
    Oracle Database Vault (available for the Oracle EE database only).
  • Protecting information confidentiality through encrypting data:
    Oracle Advanced Security (available for the Oracle EE database only).
  • Protecting information confidentiality by anonymizing data:
    Oracle Data Masking (anonymization of various databases: Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase).
  • Protecting against external threats, together with a complete audit:
    Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (protection of various databases: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Sybase and others).

Optimization of IT environments

We like to save money and we show our clients how they can save money too. The reason for optimizing IT environments is the achieving of the largest possible financial savings through the use of the right infrastructure, software and management (maintenance) costs. We help our clients to:


  • conduct optimization audits concerning hardware and licence usage/needs;
  • conduct analysis/optimization of infrastructure and software support fees;
  • use licences efficiently, thanks to our broad technical expertise;
  • select appropriate physical and logical architectures.

Project management

Our dedicated team of Prince/PMI certified Project Managers will help you to complete any projects related to:


  • data warehouses;
  • data migration;
  • database optimization and tuning;
  • enterprise data management concepts;
  • data quality assurance;
  • data security.


As Project Managers we will be happy to serve as a source of expertise when completing third-party implementation projects.

Go Support

This is our flagship product, which “takes a lot off your mind”. The service, provided to all areas that need particular, expert care, is used to extend and support the competences of the client’s team. Depending on the option chosen, Go Support may include:


  • extended support/post-implementation care for projects completed by us or by third parties;
  • support for software/hardware versions not supported by the manufacturer;
  • taking responsibility for specific IT areas which clients decide to outsource, such as database management, infrastructure maintenance, security management, data bus management etc.


With GO Support dedicated engineers/experts are assigned to a client, optionally providing 24/7 support.

Optimization of business processes

We optimize the business processes of our clients by, among other things, automating those processes by using one of the best globally positioned Business Process Management solutions, Oracle BPM. We advise and support clients at each and every stage of every BPM project:


  • we analyse business processes;
  • we identify bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization;
  • we design processes using the “to be” model (at the business and the system level);
  • we implement processes in line with agreed assumptions.


Many organizations use a variety of IT systems which, considering the requirements of process-based management methods, must be integrated in a flexible and secure manner. Our broad competences in the integration of IT systems, coupled with our BPM competences, ensure that clients can feel comfortable and certain that their processes have been designed and implemented properly at both the business (user view) and the technical level.

Software Factory

We offer authoritative Goldenore engineered solutions related to Oracle Golden Gate environment monitoring. These innovative solutions allow you to monitor the key elements of the Golden Gate environment and visualize their status on the Oracle APEX platform.

License management

The professional expertise we have acquired through working with vendors such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft enables us to fully understand and use our knowledge to optimally manage the licence packages at your organization.


On request, we can conduct a complete audit of held and currently used licences and their versioning and management, and consequently assess their impact on the organization of architecture and generated costs.


In special cases, we can identify areas in which changes to licensing schemes may lead to considerable savings in overhead costs of licence maintenance.

Oracle Cloud

We offer cloud computing solutions from Oracle. We provide and deploy a wide range of cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), from simple cloud Oracle database deployment solutions to DRC and high-availability solutions.