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Optimization of business processes

In every organization, business processes are carried out, even if it is not obvious. Business process management (BPM) so called “holy triumphs” is considered the most natural, efficient and effective approach to managing organizations and business. The ISO 9000: 2000 standard indicates that “this process approach directly affects the efficiency of work and the degree of achievement of the assumed goals – the desired result is achieved with greater efficiency when the activities and related resources are managed as a process”.


Fully convinced of the idea of ​​business process management, experience and openness to the challenges of our clients, we provide services of analysis, modeling and optimization of business processes. Our approach assumes, first of all, the possibility of their practical use in the organization both in the context of management and IT – definitely we are not guided by the principle of modeling processes “on the shelf”. When developing the AS-IS model, we indicate “bottlenecks” and the possibilities of optimization. As a result, we present the TO-BE model to clients, which assumes the optimization of the organization’s operation in accordance with the adopted objectives and criteria. Next we advise and help you to go “away” from the state of AS-IS to the state of TO-BE. After the final implementation of the new model of processes, monitoring, verification, drawing conclusions and reacting to the remaining changes – this is the “nature” of business process management, with which we try to familiarize our clients by educating others and accompanying them at every stage.


  • We identify, analyze and model business processes
  • We develop AS-IS models showing how the organization is currently operating and the optimized TO-BE models
  • We do not design processes “on the shelf”
  • We indicate other means of process optimization