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GoldenGate 12c

We are the first company in the world to receive
Oracle GoldenGate 12c specialization.
The prerequisite for success in a competitive environment is access to information in real time. This requires a platform to unify information from different enterprise systems, without compromising on availability and performance. Oracle GoldenGate 12c is a powerful application for capturing, transforming and delivering real-time transactional change data, enabling bidirectional data replication based on a transaction log. The application guarantees 24/7 operation of critical systems.

Real-time access to information

Critical systems must provide the highest levels of availability, quick and easy access to the correct data, and efficient adaptability to changing business and IT requirements. As more and more companies move their business processes online, transaction volumes increase exponentially. Therefore many organizations need better solutions with respect to collecting and providing real-time access to large amounts of enterprise data.


Oracle GoldenGate 12c makes possible the capturing, transforming, and delivering of database transactions across heterogeneous systems. The software improves data traffic performance, with low latency and minimal impact on the system’s operation, for a wide variety of databases and platforms, while maintaining the integrity of transactions.

New features in Oracle GoldenGate 12c

Oracle GoldenGate 12c offers tighter integration with Oracle Database and Oracle technologies, support for additional heterogeneous systems, and improved performance. New features in Oracle GoldenGate 12cc:

Support for multitenant architecture and cloud-based real-time replication.

Use of lightweight steaming API developed exclusively for Oracle GoldenGate to improve performance and scalability.

Streamlined high-speed application processes and simplified configuration and management.

Increased performance and streamlined DDL replication.

Automatic discard file generation, improved debugging and wildcard symbols for schemas.

Integration with the Oracle Credential Store and Oracle Wallet, enabling storing and retrieving encrypted usernames and passwords.

Extended support for supported platforms, such as Oracle MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and IBM DB2.

Integration with Oracle Data Guard and Fast-Start Failover (FSFO) for automated and transparent failover of components.

Low-downtime database platform migrations for E-Business Suite, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, and efficient integration with Oracle Coherence HotCache.

Oracle GoldenGate 12c enables customers to reduce IT costs and risk, while achieving benefits from operational and analytical systems faster. Oracle GoldenGate uses a component-based architecture to allow companies to address the issue of continuous availability and demands of real-time integration of enterprise systems. To learn more about the new version, please read our free information resources.

Maintaining continuous availability of critical systems

Oracle GoldenGate 12c enables organizations to eliminate the downtime caused by planned or unplanned outages, and to improve a system’s performance and scalability. The software can be configured for the following scenarios:

  • Zero-downtime operations. Makes possible uninterrupted business operations during system updates, migration, and maintenance.
  • Emergency recovery and data protection. Creating and maintaining immediate emergency backup of current data to minimize recovery times for critical systems, this feature is available with various versions of Oracle Database for different operating systems, and for non-Oracle environments.
  • Data distribution. Real-time data synchronization for distributed applications in different geographical locations, offering reliable and timely access to data.
  • Query offloading. Ensuring high performance for production systems while supporting necessary read activities by replicating data between heterogeneous source and target systems.

Real-time data integration throughout the enterprise

Oracle GoldenGate 12c captures and delivers changed data to data warehouses, operational data stores, reporting systems, and other OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) databases with minimal impact on performance. Real-time access to information allows expanding business knowledge.

  • Data storage in real time. Continuous real-time capture and delivery of current change data between OLTP systems and the data warehouse. Oracle GoldenGate can be easily integrated with Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition 12c and other extract, transform and load (ETL) solutions. Oracle GoldenGate 12c boasts a certified feature for capturing and delivering data to Oracle Exadata Storage Servers to enable real-time data warehousing and/or data consolidation.
  • Operational reports. Moving reporting from production databases to less expensive secondary systems while maintaining current data for real-time reporting, Oracle GoldenGate 12c supports the most important Oracle applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards PeopleSoft, and Siebel CRM for operational reporting.
  • Operational data integration. Real-time integration of operational data between OLTP systems, enabling service-oriented architectures, including Oracle SOA Suite, to operate using real-time data by publishing changed data in Java Message Service (JMS) using Oracle GoldenGate application adaptation tools.

Reliable modular architecture

The software architecture of Oracle GoldenGate consists of three main components: Capture; Trail Files; and Delivery. Thanks to this modular structure, each component can perform its tasks independently, thus accelerating data replication and ensuring its integrity.


The Capture module of Oracle GoldenGate works with the source database and searches for new transactional activity. The Capture module is available as a standalone component for non-Oracle platforms and as an integrated option for Oracle databases. The Capture module reads the results of insert, update, and delete operations by directly accessing the transactional logs of the database and then immediately captures new and changed data, which is sent for distribution.
The Capture module only searches for committed transactions, discarding indirect and recovery activities. Therefore not only is the infrastructure load reduced but also potential data inconsistencies are eliminated. Grouping transactions and optional compression features provide further optimization.
Oracle GoldenGate 12c is also able to capture messages from JMS messaging systems and deliver them in real time to heterogeneous databases for scalable, reliable data distribution.

Trail Files

Trail Files of Oracle GoldenGate contain information about database operations involving changed data in a transferable, platform-independent format. Trail Files constitute a critical component of the optimized queuing mechanism of Oracle GoldenGate. They are present on the source and/or target server but exist outside the database, to ensure heterogeneity, improved performance, and to minimize data loss. Such architecture minimizes the source system’s impact, because no additional tables or database queries are required by the data capture process. The Capture module reads captured data once and then immediately moves it to an external trail file for delivery to the target system. If there is a failure in the source and/or target system, trail files contain the current data captured up to the moment of failure. The data is applied upon the restarting of the systems.


The Delivery module of Oracle GoldenGate moves changed transactional data stored in the trail file and immediately saves it on the target database. The Delivery module performs each transaction in commit order and in the same transactional context as the source database, thus ensuring consistency and referential integrity at the target database. Supported target databases include: Oracle Database 12c (including Oracle Exadata); Microsoft SQL Server; IBM DB2 (LUW), System z, System i; Sybase ASE; databases running on HP NonStop/Enscribe, SQL/MP; and SQL/MX, IBM Netezza, Greenplum, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and TimesTen. With Oracle GoldenGate application adaptation tools the software can also publish changed data in the communication system in XML or other formats, as well as sending data using flat files to external systems, such as ETL.

Key features and benefits

Oracle GoldenGate 12c provides users with the following features and benefits enabling real-time data integration and ensuring continuous availability of critical systems:

Real-time data. Immediate capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data to other systems, with latency of less than one second. Enhances a company’s decision-making process by providing global access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Support for heterogeneous systems. The software supports heterogeneous databases and platforms to provide complete flexibility of IT solutions. Data extraction from existing IT solutions and reduction of total maintenance costs while unifying data from all enterprise systems.

Reliability. Delivery of all committed records to the target system, even in case of a network outage. Transferring of data without interruptions or system outages.

High performance, low impact. Transferring thousands of transactions per second with minimal impact on source and target systems. Real-time access to critical information without putting load on production systems.

Transaction integrity. Maintaining transaction commit boundaries and ACID properties (atomicity, integrity, isolation, and durability) of transactions during transfers between source and target systems. Ensuring data consistency and referential integrity in master and back-up systems and in report databases.

Integration. An option to integrate with Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition and support other ETL solutions. With Oracle GoldenGate application adaptation tools it is possible to capture and deliver data to communication tools based on Java Message Service, e.g. Oracle WebLogic, and to send changed data to Oracle Coherence in real time.

Flexible network topology support. Transferring data using one source to one target, one source to many targets, many sources to one target, many sources to many targets, in cascading and bidirectional configurations.

Conflict detection and resolution. Enables the detection and resolution of conflicts in master configurations where two systems can modify separate entries at the same table.

Event-based infrastructure. Executing specified actions based on specific database operations captured and stored in trail files.

Routing and compression. Using TCP/IP to send data and eliminate limitations resulting from geographical distances. Data is additionally compressed when routing.

Password encryption. Secure password storage in the Oracle Credential Store without the need to specify encryption keys.

Automatic memory management. Automatic adjustment of transaction memory based on the size and number of captured transactions.

Linked recovery. Storing uncommitted operations on disk to enable fast and easy data recovery for long-running transactions in case the replication process is stopped or interrupted.


Oracle GoldenGate 12c enables organizations to take full advantage of the value of IT infrastructure investments and to improve business operations by ensuring continuous access to critical information in real time. By supporting a wide variety of continuous access, fault tolerance, and data integration scenarios, this software provides a modular foundation that can be easily scaled for the purposes of the challenges faced today by enterprises, related to high-volume, low-impact data integration and data replication.