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Goldenore lecture on RETAIL SHOW

“Real-time data reporting and analysis – building a competitive advantage”

We are witnessing an information revolution in which data and information are treated as strategic resources.


Modern enterprises operate in a turbulent business environment where access to up-to-date quality data is often a source of competitive advantage. Classical IT solutions supporting data management are no longer sufficient, enterprises do not expect implementation of specific IT systems, but business opportunities that will allow them to efficiently manage their processes and react dynamically to changes occurring in their environment. Fortunately, the answer to this requirement has already been found and successfully operates in many sectors of the market.


We invite you to the Goldenore lecture entitled: “Real-time data reporting and analysis – building a competitive advantage” during RETAIL SHOW Exibition & Konference 2018. 12.00, 14/11/2018, Conference room C1, first floor, EXPO XXI