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Real-time reporting

Already in 1999, Peter F. Drucker predicted that “a great information revolution is coming.” The world of business has become its source, but soon, a wave of revolutionary changes would flood all institutions of modern society and radically re-evaluate the importance of information, both in organizational and individual perception. The great information revolution has come, we are its witnesses.

Data and the resulting information are strategic resources of almost every organization. Gathering them is the beginning of the road where the challenges associated with their effective processing await. The dynamics of the economic system in which we live determines the need to as soon as possible to use the data, transform it into information, share it with clients, partners and transform it into business decisions. In almost every sector of the market, there is a trend of processing data in real time, which is the basis of the Real-Time Enterprise. In simple terms – the expectation is that irrespective of the technological and business diversity of IT systems and their locations, current data is available “here and now”. It is an expectation of both the enterprises themselves and their clients.

Current data available “here and now”
– it is the expectation of both the companies themselves and their clients.

In response to market requirements, we have built unique competences in the field of data integration in real time. We provide clients with solutions that enable analyzing and reporting data refreshed every few seconds, regardless of the number, geographic location and technological diversity of the IT systems they come from. We have completed almost all implementations of this class of solutions in Poland. The successes of our clients and our experience indicate that real-time data processing offers the possibility of, among others:


  • Tracking of online business operations
  • Thanks to current information – making unprofitable business decisions and responding immediately to specific events
  • Data exchange without delay as part of business processes carried out by clients and partners
  • Providing without delay and always up-to-date data to clients and partners
  • Optimization of power supply and data transformation processes in reporting systems

We work based on the best solutions on the market. We were the first in Poland and moreover in the world to be certified by Oracle.